Everest Base Camp & Other Stories

Skills are important

After deciding to take on this challenge, we researched guides, routes, airlines, gear, fitness regimes, medical shots required, the pitfalls to expect and everything else that we could think of.

The one box we couldn’t tick was that of technical climbing experience.

We’ve both done loads of trekking up hills and mountains, but haven’t done anything that required any technical climbing skills.

So, to fill that gap, we contacted Nathan Kingerlee if Outdoors Ireland – Continue reading “Skills are important”

Game of Thrones author assists with training.

Training incorporates gym sessions to improve general fitness and a lot of leg work (aaggghhhh) combined with mountain hikes at weekends.

We are carrying fully loaded backpacks when hiking which are approx. 15kgs in weight.

Last week, George R.R. Martins entire Game of Thrones book set helped me to reach my target weight.

Thanks George.

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